Garronese Veneta

High quality - Venetian meat


Garronese Veneta identifies a meat from cattle raised within the borders of Veneto, which strictly respects a production specification.
It was created with the purpose of bringing a verified quality (VQ) product at a reasonable price to the Italian dining table.


The particular tenderness of our meat is obtained thanks to the care and attention we give it throughout the entire breeding process, and is particularly due to the measured and balanced diet which promotes the health and well-being of the animal. What we proudly bring to the market today originates in periodically checked livestock spread throughout the provinces of Veneto.


Our meat is found in all shops where search for the quality, healthiness and reliability of the product is accompanied by the professional ethics of the butcher who cares about the health of the consumer. Garronese Veneta can be recognised by the green hallmark placed on each individual pack which certifies the chemical and sensory analysis of the meat, in order to be able to constantly monitor all the features we are proud of and that distinguish us.

Nutritional table
Garronese veneta %
Ph 5.5
Umidità 0.72
Valore energetico 123Kcal/520KJ
Proteine 23g 41%
di cui collagene 0.34g
Grassi 3g 4%
di cui saturi 1g 5%
colesterolo 51mg 18%
Ceneri 1g
Sodio mg 50mg 2%
Vitamina D12 0.85ug 85%
Ferro 1mg 10%
Sensory profile